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Norsemen News · Athletic Awards Night 2017

Congrats to our amazing athletes and their accomplishments. Below is a list of award winners from this year’s event. CLICK HERE for the Photo Gallery.

Class of 2017 – Athletes of the Year – Pictured
Gabby Martinez – Water Polo and Swim
Casey O’Sullivan – Baseball

Class of 2017 – Scholar Athletes of the Year
Kara Whitaker – Soccer and Track – GPA 4.65
Gage Bulette – Wrestling – GPA 4.46

Athletic Excellence Awards (Seniors Only)
Jennifer Fox, Stephanie Ksiazek, Gabby Martinez, Kara Whitaker, Zion White
Gage Bulette, Tyler Eastlick, Garrison Hull, Kai Komaki, Casey O’Sullivan

Coach of the Year
Charles Bussey – Football

Tri-Varsity Athletes
Tallyn Burton, Kyle Gabrielson, Alan Perez, Amiee Uebersetzig

Outstanding Underclassmen Awards
Carly DeWent, Natalie Huerta, Spencer Samuel, Isabella Shane, Rachel Shellstrom
Kyle Gabrielson, Andrew Higginson, Josh McNish-Hieder, Riley O’Sullivan, Cameron Sisk

AAA Winners
Baseball – Lewis Dirkes
Basketball – Kai Komaki and Alexa Somo
Cross Country – Kyle Gabrielson and Tallyn Burton
Field Hockey – Allison Huffman
Football – Josh Hernandez
Golf – Stephanie Ksiazek and Cameron Sisk
Gymnastics – Kelsy Rafferty
Lacrosse – Jonathan Washam
Soccer – Jennifer Fox and Connor Buckley
Softball – Kennedy Labshere
Swim/Dive – Trinity Ishikawa and John Gao
Tennis – Tara Maronesy and Jacob Kattoula
Track/Field – Kara Whitaker and Alex Leiu
Volleyball – Hailey Wilson and Woody Kueber
Water Polo – Garrison Hull and Geneva Welch
Wrestling – Septer Ganasi

High School Sports Association Scholars
Kara Whitaker and Garrison Hull

GUHSD Sportsmanship Awards
Jennifer Fox and Gage Bulette

Team GPA Winners
Fall – Girls Tennis – 3.53
Winter – Girls Soccer – 3.29
Spring – Softball – 3.22

League Champions
Boys Water Polo
Girls Water Polo
Boys Swim/Dive
Girls Swim/Dive
Girls Golf