Norsemen News · Athlete Leaders Take Part in Drunk Driving Presentation

The Valhalla Athletic Department is proud of the student leaders that took part in the Every 15 Minutes program that shares the tragic affects of drinking and driving. Athletes are often seen in a more public manner by both fellow students and the community. When athletes take a stand for something, people notice. Thank you for taking a stand for this cause.

Student-Athlete Participants

Alexander Jensen Water Polo, Swim
Andrew Higginson Water Polo, Swim
Austin Pola Basketball
Bryan Madriz Football, Soccer
Carly DeWent Soccer
Connor Buckley Football, Soccer
Destinie Thomas Cheer
Joshua McNish-Heider Football
Katelyn DeWent Soccer
Madeline Haugen Soccer
Madison Cornthwaite Cheer
Max Hageman Baseball
Megan Wilson Water Polo
Rachel Shellstrom Softball
Raemi DeWent Soccer
Richard Green Golf
Tiana Todd Cheer
Tiera Todd Cheer