Norsemen News · CIF SD Section Update – 4/28

I wanted to share with you the highlights of a memo sent out this morning by CIF. I know that there are a lot of rumors floating around regarding the status of fall sports and all sports for the next school year. As of now, no decision has been made, nor is there one particular scenario or plan they are moving towards. We will continue to post updates as they become available here on the site.
Below are the major points of discussion in the memo:
  • As with all decisions, the health and safety of student-athletes as well as coaches and spectators will be at the forefront of all decisions.  We will continue to be tied directly with our schools and work closely with superintendents and school leaders.  Direction provided by the state government along with medical professionals, will dictate decisions.  And as with the determination to cancel spring sports, the return to practice and play for high school sports will coincide with the reopening of schools and the relaxing of restrictions on groups of people.

  • We are currently working on calendars for different scenarios for fall sports.  We will have myriad options to consider as we move through the summer months and communicate with our Board, Conference Presidents and Sports Advisories.  We will have no parameters as we consider all options and possibilities including starting and conducting the season as scheduled, a late start date, shortened seasons, contests with no spectators, reduced or no CIFSDS playoffs, no state playoffs, moving the season of sport, etc.  All plans will include having some form of a fall season and we will be moving forward with that plan and goal in mind.

We hope you’re taking care of yourself and your families.  Given what has taken place, we think that there will be a celebration of high school sports once this has ended.  We’ve all learned that we have taken many things for granted and high school athletics is one of them.   Hang in there & take care.