Multiple Teams · Valhalla Athletics Update – 8/18

During the last few weeks we have seen unprecedented changes in High School Athletics. I know that the delay and lack of information has been frustrating for many. However, it seems to be the norm for the times we are in. We continue to strive to provide the most accurate information to our Valhalla community as it becomes available. To better understand our situation, the following is a timeline of where we were, where we are, and where we hope to be.

  • On July 20th the State CIF determined that the 2020-2021 school year would consist of just two athletic seasons instead of the usual three with the earliest beginning in Mid-December / early January. The State then left it up to each of the ten sections to determine their official start dates.
  • On August 14th the San Diego Section CIF released the official start dates for all H.S. sports in our section leaving the construction and scheduling of all leagues up to the individual school districts.
  • On Monday August 17th the Grossmont Athletic Conference agreed on a tentative league configuration for all sports for the entire Conference based upon “school competitiveness”.
  • Our hope is now for the situation in San Diego and the State to continue to improve allowing us to proceed with our current plans of have H.S. Athletics this coming Winter and Spring.

Currently, you may still see athletic schedules online via CIF and school websites that contain competition dates based on our original hope of beginning athletic competition on our traditional dates. Now that our new start dates have been finalized and leagues determined, new competition dates will be populated into our site calendars in the coming weeks.

As new information becomes finalized, announcements will continue to be made on our website.

Additional Resources and information

Below is the current draft for the two Leagues in the Grossmont Conference.

*Applies to all sports except football. Football teams will remain in the same leagues proposed at the end of the 2019 season.

  • Competitive by school

Hills League:                           Valley League:

            Granite Hills                              El Cajon Valley

            Grossmont                                   El Capitan

            Helix                                              Monte Vista

            Steele Canyon                            Mt. Miguel

            Valhalla                                         Santana

            West Hills

There are still likely to be changes and adjustments as we move forward. Please be patient as we navigate this together. Our goal is to keep our students safe while providing the best opportunities for our student athletes.

Thank you.



Steve Bulette

Athletic Director