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Hello and welcome to Valhalla Athletics,

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My name is Robert Wilson and I have been the Athletic Director at Valhalla since 2005. I have coached both basketball and baseball at Valhalla. As a product of the Grossmont Conference, I know what it takes to be a student athlete. Balancing a workload of core academic classes, maintaining responsibilities at home, and meeting the demands of playing a competitive sport can be a difficult task. Learning the skills of prioritizing and managing multiple tasks are what help me now in my career. Being a student athlete is so much more than just throwing a ball around, running as fast as you can, or displaying a show of strength. It is about applying yourself academically. It is about learning how to put your team ahead of yourself. It is about understanding how to have goals and working hard to achieve those goals.

I look forward to watching the young people of today grow as athletes and as citizens of society. I love hearing how our athletes succeed after they leave Valhalla. Hearing about the skills they have learned that are helping them in their new adventures in life. I hope that your decision to join a team at Valhalla and become a student athlete is a life changing decision for you. This can be the first step to a new perspective on life and what lies ahead.

Go Norsemen!