Coach’s Corner

This page is a resource page for Valhalla Coaches.

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New Coaches must complete the following (Please see Ath. Secretary):

  1. Fingerprinting
  2. TB Test
  3. Making Right Choices

District Courses:

  1. Mandated Reporting – Renewed Every Year
  2. Suicide Prevention – Renewed Every Year

NFHS Courses:

Fundamentals of Coaching – Lifetime Certificate
Concussion Course – Renewed Every Two Years
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course – Renewed Every Two Years
Heat Illness Course – Renewed Every Two Years

All coaches and volunteers should complete the following forms:

  1. Coaches Information Form
  2. CIF Code of Conduct

Paid Coaches should complete the following:

  1. First Aid and CPR Class – Renewed Every Two Years
  2. Conflict of Interest – Teacher   OR
  3. Conflict of Interest – Walk-On

Volunteers should complete the following:

  1. Volunteer Form

Head Coaches should complete this once for entire program:

  1. Hazing Code Verification

Other Resources:
ASB Works
Banquet Venue Form
Club Charter Form
Contest Change Form

Contest Opt Out Form
Excuse List Form
Facility Request Forms 

Field Trip Form
League Standings
No Contact Period Dates
Nomination Form
Norsemen Newsflash Submission Form
PE Exemption Quick Guide

School Driver Registration Form
Student Accident Forms
Transportation Request Form