Gatorade Athletes of the Month

Athletes of the Month receive a Gatorade Water Bottle and some Gatorade treats. Athletes are nominated by coaches and selected by the Athletic Administration. Four athletes per month are selected. Each season will have three months of winners. Click the month for more information.

Aug-Sept 2018
Andrew Higginson, Angie Orange, Kegan Baker, Peri Kraft
Sept-Oct 2018
Ashlee Ksiazek, Ellie Valdez, Ethan Ferkich, Matt Ramey
Oct-Nov 2018
Lana Maronesy, Paula Rye, Ramon Owens, Zach Larson

Nov-Dec 2018
Ari Rodriguez, Domanic Safarta, Ethan Molter, Zoe Johnson
Dec-Jan 2019
Frankie McGuire, Kaia Jennings, Jordan Gaines, Matthew Jordan
Jan-Feb 2019

Feb-Mar 2019
Mar-Apr 2019
Apr-May 2019